Glass Bottles Are The Safest. Get Product Out Of Glass?

Glass Bottles Are The Safest. Get Product Out Of Glass?

Jane May Graves- Founder/Chemist of Luxe Beauty, Inc.
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Oh the dilemma, how to get thick product out of glass bottles!  The Spatty Saves the Day

Get Every Last Drop Out of Glass; the Spatty Saves the Day 

How do you get thick products out of glass?

Here at Luxe Beauty we love Glass. Glass is expensive to produce and more costly to ship, but there are no BPA issues and other nasty chemicals that can leach into a product.

Maybe some remember the old-fashioned nostalgia with memories of pure ingredients and simpler days when the milkman delivered fresh, local products to your doorstep in glass bottles! 

I'd like to know if more brands will override the cost and other trade-offs and select glass packaging to convey product authenticity and purity.

Why No Plastic?

Since my mother fully recovered from her stage 4 so-called "incurable" cancer, I made many lifestyle changes and healthier choices. One thing I decided I would avoid and limit all plastic. Whenever possible, and that means in the products I create for my customers.

You can read more about why I'm not too fond of plastic in this article I wrote about plastics and weight gain. This 2022 peer-reviewed scientific paper and National Geographic article talk about how plastic pollution hurts the ecosystem.

Now you know why all my products are packaged in glass. 

Health over convenience 

Glass is the safest and healthiest packaging choice. But we also know that our customers need an easy way to get a thick product like the cleanser out of glass. Every last drop! And putting non-liquid products in glass can be inconvenient when the contents get low. 

The dilemma of some products being stuck in a bottle or container is common to our organic beauty cleanser, but we have a solution. Read on to find out what it is.

Enter the Spatty:

The Spatty is a unique tool to help you get thick products out of glass.

What is a Spatty?

It's a beauty cosmetic spatula that comes in a variety of sizes. It's a small but mighty invention that helps you save money, protect the environment, and get the product out of glass (and every other bottle!).

I met the founder, Cheryl Rigdon, many years ago in Los Angeles before she went on Shark Tank  and made a deal with Daymond John. At the time, she gave me some free Spatties to try, even before I created Luxe Beauty. I still have the very originals years later! 

Glass bottles Spatty

When I first met, Cheryl Rigdon showed me her tiny miniature spatula, which can get into every nook and cranny of a bottle—even a mascara bottle. 

She pointed out that people often leave as much as 25% of their products in the container when they throw them out. Even products packaged in plastic. (Yuck!)

Cheryl also makes Spatties for the kitchen, handyman projects, and crafting. 

All these years later, I'm still so impressed by Cheryl Rigdon. Her Spatty is a beauty solution that really works. I love that.

I Want You to Use Every Drop

My glass containers are transparent, so you can quickly see how much lotioncleanser, or skin serum is left, unlike in an opaque glass, or plastic squeeze bottle, or shampoo container where you cannot see how much product is left. 

Still, when I started using the Spatty, I noticed that when a bottle—whether it was for conditioner —seemed almost empty, I could keep using it, sometimes for several more weeks. 

Cheers to fun inventions and choosing glass for our health, bodies, and planet. 




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