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 1) Question: Can I use Luxe Lotion over my entire body?

Answer: Yes. The formula was created as a high quality face lotion, however we believe all your skin (your largest organ) deserves only the finest and most nourishing ingredients.

 2) Question: So, why does your labels read, "For Face, Neck and Hands" if it can be used on your whole body?

Answer: The skin on the face, neck and hands tends to show signs of aging before other areas of the body. The face, neck and hands are often the most exposed areas to the sun and wind. Our formula is enriched with raspberry seed oil for natural sun protection, hyaluronic acid for hydration, antioxidants for rejuvenation, and vitamins to nourish the skin.

 3) Question: Is there any difference between the 8.5oz luxe lotions and the 2oz size luxe lotions?

Answer: No difference except bottle size. The 2oz is our travel size and the only size that has the Lavender scent. Both the 8.5 oz and 2 oz contain the same ingredients. Both sizes are face quality, made for the entire body.

 4) Questions: How long do your products last/expiration date on bottle? What is the number on the bottom of the bottle?

Answer: There is a 12m POA symbol (period after opening) on the back of the labels. The 12m means the product last 12 months after the time it is opened. The code stamp on the bottom of the bottle is the batch number.

  5) Question: Are all products cruelty free and do you test on animals?

Answer: All our products are cruelty free and vegan. We would never test our products on animals.

 6) Question: What is the source of your hyaluronic acid for all products? 

Answer: The source is NON-GMO Potatoes. 

 7) Questions Do your products contain Gluten, nuts, soy, petroleum, diamethdone?

Answer: All our products are gluten free, soy Free, nut free, petroleum free, non-GMO, propylene glycol free, alcohol Free, dimethicone free.

 8) Question: Are all your packing materials, boxes and glass bottles recyclable?

 Answer: Yes. We purchase recycled packing materials. We also buy only green bubble wrap made from potato and rice starch rather than petroleum oil. Unlike petroleum based bubble wrap or peanuts, these plant-based materials decompose in a short time.

 9) Question: Does your company offer Net-30 day payment terms to re-seller/ wholesaler accounts?

 We do offer Net-30 payment terms to our larger re-sellers who qualify. Otherwise, we accept most major credit cards, Paypal payments and checks.  Please allow 7-business days for prepaid checks orders to ship.